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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you and family had an amazing holiday. Now that the holidays are behind us, you may be reflecting on the stress of the last minute shopping in December and then the anxiety of returns in January.  You will realize that retail brands have not wasted a moment and have […]

Do consumers lie to mislead you?  I was told they do not.  Then help me understand what was wrong with the following picture when I was working for a bagel restaurant chain. 65% of customers stated that they wanted to try specialty bagel and flavored cream cheese. 55% of customers stated that they do not […]

How can an idea so good not work in increasing loyalty? During my days with one of the top three pizza companies, my team came up with a brilliant loyalty building idea. “You buy 10 pizzas and after that, you can buy pizzas for the rest of the year, at a special price of $7.”  Now, […]

Flawed poll results the new thing to move golf ratings? By Arjun Sen, President and Founder, ZenMango April 2015:  Just before the Master’s golf tournament, ESPN.com released a survey as PGA Tour Secret Survey Data.  Here is the headline: When we twisted the arms of (golf) pros on the topic of whom they wouldn’t help […]